Software That Can be Used to Create a Website

Software That Can be Used to Create a Website

This digital era familiarizes us to always be connected to the internet. This internet is the first door for us to explore cyberspace, many of which we can explore in cyberspace one of which is surfing the website. The website itself is identical with pages on the internet that display various information that is needed by visitors. So, a website can be interpreted as a container that presents a variety of knowledge that we only have to take (access).

The number of websites that are circulating is an advantage as well as an opportunity for web designers, but you know that you can also create your own website using supporting software. and in this article, we will discuss a little about what software we can use to create a website.

Software That Can be Used to Create a Website

  1. Visual Web Builder (Wysiwyg editor)

This software can be used to edit websites visually. This application with the Wysiwyg editor base we can design websites with practical and easy. So it does not require fundamental knowledge about programming a website.

By utilizing this Visual Web Builder, we can easily create a very professional website in just a few moments. So, for beginners who do not know much about website programming can try to use this Visual Web Builder.

  1. Dreamweaver

Software for making other websites is Dreamweaver. You can use this software for website creation, both simple websites and professional websites. To use this software we can try one of the types of Dreamweaver, namely Macromedia and Adobe.

  1. Notepad

For beginners, it is very suitable to use this notepad application to design and create a website. Notepad itself is a text editor application that is usually used for CSS, PHP, HTML and so on. In addition, utilizing this website maker application is classified as lighter than other applications.

  1. WordPress

Other software that you can use to create a website is WordPress. As we know, WordPress has 2 types, instant WordPress and WordPress install / CMS. We can use instant WordPress to create a blog directly from the WordPress site itself by registering your account there. While WordPress install itself can be used to create a website by downloading the application first and then installing it and start designing the website.

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