Everything You Need To Know About Artist Management

Everything You Need To Know About Artist Management

As an artist, you have a lot on your plate. You need to write songs, record in the studio, and promote your music. In addition to these tasks, you also need to spend time figuring out how to make money with your music so that you can continue working as an artist. If this sounds like too much work for one person, it’s because it is! That’s why many artists hire managers. Managers are experts at helping their clients navigate the business side of things by focusing on things like contracts and bookings so that artists can focus on making music and performing live shows.

What does a manager do?

A manager is a business partner, not an employee. A good manager will help you make good decisions, achieve your goals and be successful.

Managers are there to help you through the ups and downs of being in the music industry. They can negotiate contracts with labels or publishers, get you sponsored deals with brands that would like to use your music in their ad campaigns or video games etc., talk to venues about putting on shows for you (or even helping out with booking agents), get tour buses lined up if needed…the list goes on!

How to choose the right manager.

You should also make sure that your manager has experience in the genre you’re working in. If you’re a singer-songwriter, for example, it wouldn’t make sense to hire a manager who specializes in electronic music.

You should also …

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