Take Out Exotic Food and Get a Better Address

Take Out Exotic Food and Get a Better Address

Take often (and often exclusively) about eating with chopsticks from paper containers. What do you do when you don’t want to lower your standards to that extent, and you still want a quick bite? As found by guests at the Grand Hyatt in New York, take-out food does not have to be something that is prepared with not-so-strict standards. The Grand Hyatt recently debuted in the high-quality takeout food chain chain on the ground floor of many of its hotels. They have no place to sit, and rush business customers.

For business customers who count every minute they are in town on business, picking up and running a sandwich at a reasonable price can be a gift. This is much faster and cheaper than ordering room service or sitting in a full service restaurant. All that came out of sharp observations at the Hyatt. They found that their guests went to other places, to Starbucks, among other places, to eat fast in the morning or at night, instead of stopping by the restaurant in the lobby. They wondered why they didn’t have to keep the business for themselves by offering the type of fast food they wanted. All are budget-friendly and there are all kinds of possibilities. Luxurious take-out food can involve delicious cuisine from around the world, gourmet food, and health food. This vending machine fills a gourmet menu, and it is very successful.

Business travelers used to be about doing something for them, having waiters waiting for them. That changes now. Tourists come, and check for themselves, they get their own coffee. It’s rather satisfying for travelers now to maintain control of their own lives when they travel. Letting them have it not only saves a lot of money when businesses reduce their travel budget, it creates an entirely new market segment. Trump in Chicago sells dozens of exotic lunches in bags from the room service take-out menu. With menu items like lobster and chicken sandwiches, their guests heading to the airport don’t need to starve.

The best part is, that the hotel found that issuing cheap takeout food such as Caesar salad or chicken or granola wrappers there unexpectedly increased turnover in their catering department. People don’t want to bother paying $ 30 for breakfast. Too much noise. Other hotels catch up on ideas quickly. Marriott closed its coffee shop and opened a high-class take-out center with cakes, salads, and sandwiches. People walk in, take eastern, western or continental breakfast in their bags and run. All transactions do not take more than five minutes.

The hotel tried it five years ago; but people don’t really care about cost savings at the time. The idea did not work. In today’s environment, it is.