Photography Business Plan – Things You Need to Consider

Photography Business Plan - Things You Need to Consider

You have a passion for photography and after considering it for some time; you decided to start your very own photography business. After preparing all the necessary props, creating a portfolio, setting up a website for your customers to view, saving enough money as the capital for your business, and ready to find your first customer, you realised you do not have a clear idea on how to start your business. First and foremost, you need a business plan, a photography business plan!

Let’s explore what you need to consider when planning your photography business:

1. Name. Decide on the name that you want to give your studio. A simple and easy to remember name will be good as it is easier for your customers to remember.

2. Location. You will need a place if you are going to set up your own business. Consider the space that you will need. You might need space for your props, space to hold an indoor shoot as well as more space for your customers to rest as you discuss your proposal with them and as they wait for their photo shots to be done. Consider the location of the studio as well; a place with good human traffic or easily accessible location will be an advantage.

3. Design of the Studio. Consider the design you want for your studio. Plain design might be good so that you can hang your photos on the wall for your customers to view.

4. Workers. You can consider getting workers to help you out at the studio otherwise it will be tedious if you were to handle everything from the clothing to the props. Dedicated workers will be good. You can try advertising on newspapers or a cheaper alternative will be advertising on the internet for example, job sites and forums.

5. Schedule. Decide the opening and closing times of your studio. Arrange the work shift of your workers if needed.

 6. Backdrops. You will definitely need various backdrops to fit into the various themes that your customers require. Having backdrops with several flat colours and a few scenery backdrops will be fine.

 7. Make Up & Accessories. For the person taking the shot (either the customer or their models) so that they will look their best at any time during the photo taking session.

8. Professional Charges. Decide on the price you want to charge for the shots that you had taken, taking the rental, wages as well as the profits into consideration.

 9. Advertise. After getting everything settled, you will need to advertise your studio and services so that you will have your first customer!

10. Opening ceremony of your business. To attract your neighbours and onlookers to look at your studio on its official grand opening day so that they will take note of the new shop in town. It will be advisable to get your first customer before you open up your studio for business otherwise you will be losing unnecessary money.

All the best with your business!