Internet Marketing for Main Street Businesses

Internet Marketing for Main Street Businesses
Internet Marketing for Main Street Businesses

Why should you have an Internet Market if you have a Main Street Business? This question is so common, wherever I speak to local business owners that I’m shocked they’re still not aware of the reasons.

How often do you look up a business online to find the address?

Everyone Google’s a business to locate them for GPS, to MapQuest the business, or for any other of a trillion reasons. If you’re online, as a website, with a map to your office, you’re ahead of the game. While this is a little more common in the big city than it may be in small towns, the resulting answer is the same. If you’re looking for a business and not sure if they cover your problem or not, look up their website, find the search option on their site and search for your topic. Or Google the problem you’re having and go to the sites linked under that problem.

Building a Deck? A Google search for those terms brings up  and I click on their link and right before my eyes, I have access to all kinds of information about building a deck, Denver builders who build decks, etc. This particular site is a marketing site advertising deck builders for the Denver area. But the point is, from this particular site, I have access to all kinds of deck builders and information.

That’s what makes the Internet Work.

If you’re a small business, why couldn’t you optimize your own business online, but more importantly… What is stopping you from being the GO-To Expert Marketer for businesses in your area that solve a specific problem? Why could YOU not be the online business that promotes Deck Builders in your area?

Top center is your website link, your business, and your map. Below, the reader will locate all options in your area with information about the topic they’re searching, and your website drives them forward.

Do you get paid for such information? Some of it, yes. Most of it, possibly. The rest of it? You’re the community service that bounces information off the Internet Wall of Knowledge, providing answers for those who seek them, answering questions about problems, offering solutions and giving people a go-to link that relates them to an Expert in the given field they’re seeking.

Will they stop by your brick and mortar business? More than likely, yes they will stop by. They’ll bring you business, talk about you on Facebook, take photos and post your business link on their blogs, and in their article marketing references. But the point is, they’ll have a link to drive traffic to online. There will be something of a circular market created by internet links and back links to your business. All of them driving more business to you and your Internet Home Base.

How can Brand Recognition help drive traffic to your Internet Home Base business if you’re working from a Brick and Mortar Business on Main Street?