7 B2B Digital Marketing Best Practices – Youtube

B2B (Business-to-business) according to wikipedia: refers to a situation where one business makes a commercial transaction with another. More specifically, with one example, a baking company requires flour for its process, the company deals with flour sellers. This is a B2B between the seller of the ingredients of the cake maker, with the baking company.

There is another B2B between the seller of a particular service and the company that needs the service. For example, a law firm needed his services by a company in providing legal consultation for any case he would or was experiencing. Another type of B2B, which is re-sell goods or services from the purchase of goods / services from its manufacturing. One example for this is the bike sale business by opening many outlets, bicycles sold from a variety of bicycle manufacturers.

In contrast to B2C (business-to-consumer), for example is the automobile business, automobile manufacturers do B2B to manufacturers of Tires, Glass etc., which are required to make a car. In line business this happens only once B2C, that is sale finished product from automobile directly to the buyer.

Digital Marketing, is a sales strategy that is applied to the sale of goods or services increased over time on-line or via the internet. Because today, almost everyone uses the internet to get information, either through personal media computers or gadgets (smartphones) that are all connected to the internet.

Adding Images to the content is very help draw attention to people than just the content in the form of any article. Moreover, adding the video be included in the content could affect many more. Video delivered, not just convey information but can convey emotion and a decision on the purchase, usually not to the logic, but also feelings, even B2B purchasing decisions.

According to the informations that the top three social networks for B2B marketing are: Twitter, LinkedIn and YouTube. YouTube provides the perfect platform for your B2B video content. Now, youtube has reached millions of unique visitors every month. With YouTube now, millions of people take social action (likes, shares, comments, etc.) in each week.

YouTube is an online video hosting service that allows people to share their videos. Youtube is the most popular video hosting for now. With youtube, a business or individual can share or find entertainment videos, instructions or promotions.

Because it has great popularity and features, YouTube can be a useful marketing channel for businesses. Because of using youtube services for product marketing, this is called B2B Digital Marketing. A business needs the services of another for operational reasons where the internet as a means of product publication.

Six B2B Digital Marketing Best Practices – YouTube might need to know :

  1. Makes It Easy To Find And Share

After uploading video content to YouTube, the provision of video titles, descriptions and tags that can be easily searched is a necessity. Embed the video in the business website and also on its social media platform (Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and Google+). If the video content is appealing to the viewer, they will probably share it on their own social media account.

  1. Perform Tracking, Analytics and Optimization

Video views tracking to determine how to optimize video content. YouTube Analytics provides detailed information that has watched the video and its engagement level. Tracking channel performance from products by Google Analytics, as if it were your own site. The length of visitors who remain, determines: loyalty and the ratio of the visitor’s refusal to find the video content and which source is driving the best traffic.

  1. Video Advertising

Use keywords and search categories that are relevant to reach a targeted audience and some thought to advertise that the video is on YouTube search page. Show Video business ads that have been created on promoted videos (Youtube advertising) against other similar business searches on YouTube.

  1. Create a Home for Your Product Brand

With YouTube Channels, marketed products are created space, to make it easier for users to find all the video content. Include a link to the business website marketed product. Comments and subscriptions should not be ignored and immediately listen to, then react to what is being said.

  1. Relevant Information Should Still Be There

Creating compelling content is very important for a video. Relevance with B2B audiences, usually in demos, lessons, testimonials, practical advice, case studies and product usage instructions.

  1. Speaking to The Person, Not Business

Keep in mind, even though the audience is the decision maker of a product, but target the message to the person not the business.

  1. Noteworthy

Video is an excellent medium for communicating product information in an interesting way. Remember that people are people, regardless of whether they buy something for themselves or for their business. Behave the same way you research a product, so target your audience by creating video content that appeals to people’s emotions, not their business.